(HGH) Human growth hormone is formed by cells present in pituitary gland known as somatotropes. Pituitary gland contains 50percent of somatotropes cells. Human growth hormone is generally produced by pituitary gland. HGH is produced at early hours of sleep and secreted with pulses. After staying for few minutes in blood, it is then transferred to liver so that it can be converted to factors of growth. Growth factors are responsible for the good results of HGH. Great production of hormones takes place during coincides and adolescence rapidly. In real, the main function of human growth hormone is to regulate height and promote growth, but HGH performs different functions in the body. The main importance of human growth hormone prompted the growth of synthetic human growth hormone. It is given to the patients who have deficiency of hormones. Later on, it is approved for the patients for use with radiation therapy, injury, deficiency syndrome, hypothalamic disease, pituitary disease and surgery.

Effects of the Decline in HGH Levels


Many people who generate low quantity of human growth hormones have consistent mental and physical signs of aging. In the year 1997, HGH was first to be also called as clinical hormone. Decrease in muscles are directly associated with low level hormone and other facts like loss of bone mass, increase in body fats and fall in the capacity of exercise. In aging population these problems are very common. In fact, HGH level declines with each year. Its founded that mostly people when they reach the age of sixty, they lose 75% of hormone. At the age of eighty this percentage falls so much that the body is able to produce only 5% of it. As the matter of fact, HGH level starts to decline after the age of twenty, people will see many changes in their physical appearance, i-e appearing of wrinkles and skin sag. And more than that, continuous decline in the growth of HGH shortens the life cycle.

Supplementation Improves the Quality of Life


Aging signs are not permanent. Indeed, it can be reversed. Aging totally depends on HGH level. By maintaining the level of hormones ageing effect can be prevented. It is proved by studies that supplements can have many beneficial effects and provides other anti-aging benefits too. Supplements can be so effective in gaining body mass, increase density of bones, reducing of facts and helps in improving texture of the skin. By other studies it is proved that supplementation doesn’t only deal with physical signs of aging but also promises to improve the quality of life. Aging is directly associated with all the problems of health. As immune system becomes weaker as we grow older, that is the reason that old people attracts health problems easily. By supplementation age related problems were treated effectively. All of three studies in England, Sweden and Denmark, given report in which it was mentioned that adult with low level of HGH and given supplements, showed incredible improvement in their hormone growth, exercise capacity, body work and other over all improvements in their life.


Researchers even claimed that by supplementation for the period of 6months can even reverse the process of ageing more than twenty years. In fact, HGH changing levels much affects the human body. Decline in HGH level not only effects body physically but also is the factor of our heath deterioration. Luckily, by increasing the level of HGH can result in reversing the aging effect.

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone(HGH) represents a true anti-aging breakthrough in natural medicine.