Natural healing education can be in the form of attending classes, going to college, reading books or doing an online course. Each have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. What suits one person, may not suit another, for various reasons.

Natural healing comes in a wide variety of modalities. There’s herbs, massage, bowen, reiki, shiatsu, homeopathy and probably a lot more besides.
Homeopathy Courses
Many people start off their natural healing education by selecting one modality and attending a basic class. This gives you a grounding, a feeling of whether it’s the right one for you.

Then they practice what they have learnt, before going onto the next modality, or pursuing the same one, but at a deeper level.

Whatever it is you decide to do, it can be hard to work without a tutor, a mentor or at least an occasional form of help from a human. Few people can learn a whole new concept or idea from reading a book. And there are some modalities where it is impossible to work without constant help.

Homeopathy is a modality where you can work a lot on your own. But sooner or later you will hit a wall, a block that prevents you from moving forward. You need some help to get you through that blockage. There is an area you can’t see through.
Natural Healing Education
If you are attending classes of some form, you will have a teacher you can turn to.

Classes don’t have to be those that you physically attend. On-line classes are becoming more popular, with the wide use of broadband internet services. And it is possible to learn enough about homeopathy from such classes, to become an efficient and effective home prescriber.


Being a good homeopathic home prescriber could save you and your family untold time and money. And ensure that your immune system becomes super healthy, just as it was designed to be.