The History of Homeopathy Training

Homeopathy is an ancient science that was originally developed and studied by the Chinese who used natural remedies to cure most mild medical conditions and even had some success at treating and curing some major illnesses. Today homeopathy is enjoying a surge in popularity and more and more people are starting to take and active interest in homeopathy training.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – The Father of Experimental Pharmacology

Samuel Hahnemann was born in 1755 and died in 1843. He was a doctor that studied natural cures and got homeopathy training. He was the one who introduced the world to an alternate method of medical care. Pretty impressive for a guy who didn’t have the benefit of a computer, internet, or a plane and had to do everything on his own.  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann earned his title as the Father of Experimental Pharmacology by determining that if he had an herbal remedy that produced symptoms in a healthy patient he could turn around and use those same herbal remedies to treat the same symptoms in a person who was ill.

This practice is called Similia Similibus Curentur. Similia Similibus Curentur translates to like cures like. Before his death in 1843 Dr. Samuel Hahnemann drew acclaim with his abilities to use natural medicine to ease the suffering and in some cases cure patients that were locked in insane asylums. He wrote three publications and students who received homeopathy training from Dr. Samuel Hahnemann went on to create the School of Hahnemann where new students could become trained in homeopathy.

Homeopathy in Today’s World

As medical technology advanced and the worlds interest in homeopathy dwindled, people saw no reason to use natural remedies to treat their medical conditions when there were doctors and medicines that would do the same thing faster. Now with the rising cost of medical insurance and prescription drugs people are taking a second look at homeopathy.

The ever increasing cost of medical care is not the only reason homeopathy is enjoying a surge in popularity, new research indicates that many of the drugs we had so much faith in created long term side affects that have an adverse effect on our health. Many people find that they feel better when they are using homeopathic treatments. As the interest in homeopathy increases, more people are becoming interested in getting the proper training. There are more and more schools being created to assist people with their homeopathy training.
People interested in homeopathy training should contact the National Center of Homeopathy for further information on homeopathy training. The National Center of Homeopathy is located in Alexandria, Virginia.