Homeopathy – Medicine Or Hoax?

Homeopathy was once the alternative to more barbaric medical practices and at one point was the medicinal choice of most people. However, as scientific and clinical research techniques advance, more and more evidence shows that Homeopathy might not be all it is reputed to be. In fact, it just might be proven to be a complete and total hoax with no greater benefit than a placebo.

What Is Involved In Homeopathic Medicines?

Homeopathy is an alternative medicinal practice that involves the creation of infusions by diluting herbal compounds and medicines into a solution. The basics of Homeopathy involve mixing a compound and then diluting the compound over and over again in order to create the infusion. The infusion is then ready for the patient.The dilution varies though it can some times be diluted as many as twelve times. This means that by the time the infusion is ready for the patients the solution is often times no different from the diluting solution. In other words, even though it started out as a heavy herbal compound and water by the time the diluting is done it is basically just water.

Principle Behind The Homeopathic Medicines

The principal behind this particular practice of homeopathic medicine is that the individuals receive the essence of the compound, which is released into the solution each time it is diluted. This essence or healing power is what makes the solution viable. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to support that this is the case. There are people who benefit from this medical practice. There are two conclusions, which can be drawn from people who benefit from this type of alternative medicine.

The first is that they truly believe in it and therefore receive benefit through psychosomatic tendencies. In other words, they believe it works so strongly that it actually does by triggering biological responses in the body. The other is that they possibly could be highly sensitive to the herbal compound and are able to receive some benefit from the small amounts, which might be found in the infusion.

There are other possibilities the most likely of which is that the compound was not diluted enough to remove the actual compound and so the ratio of solution to compound is high enough to initiate a biological response. Up until the 1920’s however, this was a highly accepted homeopathic medical practice and there were a number of schools that taught it exclusively. It gained popularity during the times of purging and blood letting as an alternative to these often harsh and ineffective means of curing illness.