Pseudo gout and gout have symptoms which are similar to each other. This is the reason why the term “pseudo gout” is coined. However, the medical term for pseudo gout is Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease.  It is a sort of a rheumatologic disorder but the main culprit for the disease is the buildup of crystals in the connective tissues in the body. Such crystals are made up of calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate in the body.


As said earlier, the symptoms are very similar.  The patients under these conditions manifest swelling, redness and warmness around the joints. The patients also feel unbearable acute pain. The main difference then is the focus of their treatment. Pseudo gout is treated primarily on the prevention of calcium crystal deposits in the joint while the other focuses on the correction of the immune response.

Just like gout, the physicians offer conventional treatment for pseudo gout. As always, prescription medication is advised.  Nevertheless, homeopathic treatment is an alternative option for pseudo gout. Homeopathy is employed as therapy which focuses on the specific nature of the symptoms and not on the matter of diagnosis.  It is inexpensive and also free from side effects. This is why it is safer to use. There are different types of homeopathic treatment for pseudo gout.  If you want, you can employ them along side with prescription medicines. Nevertheless, a consultation with a physician is advised before employing homeopathic medicines. Below are some of them.

Rhus Tox


This is mainly used for the management of acute pain. Such homeopathic medicine is good for those patients who experience worsening pain by walking the first few steps following a long nap or rest. This can also solve the morning stiffness problems in patients. Furthermore, this is proven to be beneficial to those people who have extreme sensitivity to cold and wet weather. This can even eliminate night pain.

Apis and Belladona


Swelling, inflammation and burning pain can be quite irritable. This is why Apis, as a homeopathic medicine, is good for these signs and symptoms.  In addition, this is also proven to relieve pain which worsens by hot compress. After all, there are types of patients suffering from pseudo gout that experiences pain upon hot compress and feels relief upon cold water therapy. Belladona can also reduce inflammation and pain around the joints. It is best for those patients who experiences joint pain with the slightest motion or touch.

Bryonia and Ruta

After walking for quite some time, some patients feel worsening pain. Bryonia is the best for these types of patients. On the other hand, Ruta is best for those patients who experiences joint pains where they have once gotten an injury.  This homeopathic medicine can treat those joint pains which get worse at morning or by cold weather and motion.



For immediate relief of a sudden onset of joint pain, Kalmia can do the job. This is also good for those who experiences joint paint which moves from one joint to another. This homeopathic medicine can greatly reduce such pain.