Several health practitioners have been overwhelmed with the effectiveness of the natural cures for ADHD.  This is why homeopathic treatment is becoming more popular as an alternative therapy for such disorder. With the use of homeopathic treatments, there is a significant reduction as to the symptoms of ADHD.


You may argue in using prescription medications which is widely available rather than homeopathic remedies. While it is true those medications are easy to get and also efficient in controlling the symptoms of ADHD, they have several side effects which can be hazardous to children. The lack of studies and population group adds more to the apprehension. The common side effects of medications for ADHD are anxiety, anorexia, gastric upset, insomnia, weight loss and growth retardation. Adverse effects include cardiovascular complications, psychiatric disorders, and the risk for addiction. Furthermore, the long term effects of medications used to treat ADHD are not known. There is no conclusive research in this aspect. It has not yet been established as to the relationship of the long term use of medications and its negative effects on the body.


On the other hand, homeopathic remedies have no side effects. They are safe to use and also non-addictive. In terms of its efficiency, this natural cure is superb in reducing the symptoms of ADHD.  The principle that governs this kind of treatment is that like cures like.  The substances causing the symptoms are believed to cure the same symptoms. The potency of the remedy increases as the level of dilution increases. Among the most potent ingredients are arsen iod, verla alb, stramonium, tuberculinum, cina and hyoscyamus niger.


It is important to use legally used brands in using natural cures. It is also important to stretch the threshold of patience before the effects of the remedies can be observed in your child. A period of 3-6 weeks is usually needed before ADHD symptoms can be controlled. Waiting then is just a small price to pay compared to the results of homeopathic remedies. The preference of homeopathic treatment over prescription medications for ADHD is becoming more popular among the public. This may probably stem from the number of people recognizing the dangers of prescription and realizing the effects of homeopathic treatment.