History of Homeopathy

/History of Homeopathy

The Science of Homeopathy Slowly Becoming Accepted

During the late 1700’s, when doctors still believed in bloodletting and purging to cure every known symptom, one German physician was rejecting the notion that diseases were caused by outside influence. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann believed that all parts of the body worked together to create a harmony and that by using a diluted form of [...]

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Understanding What Is the Philosophy of Homeopathic Medicine

Since the turn of the 19th century, certain doctors were leaning towards a new type of medicine and although their theory seemed sound at the time, many physicians and researchers were asking exactly what is the philosophy of homeopathic medicine. Ge

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The History of Homeopathy

The history of homeopathy is one that should be taken very seriously into consideration, and one of the most important aspects here is that homeopathy?s roots emerge from various findings, teachings, and writings from around the world. The history of

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