A hemorrhoid commonly referred to as piles is a condition where the veins around the anus or lower rectum become swollen or inflamed. This condition is brought about by the strain in bowel movement It affects both men and women. It can also strike at any age.. Certain circumstances may predispose or contribute to the development of hemorrhoids such as old age, pregnancy, chronic constipation and chronic diarrhea. Hemorrhoids can be seen internally or inside the anus or externally as characterized by the swollen area below the skin surrounding the anus.  There are also cases where people do not experience symptoms yet they have hemorrhoids. The most common sign of hemorrhoids is the presence of bright red blood in the stool. Another common sign would be pain and irritation brought by the protrusion of internal hemorrhoids.


Remedies for hemorrhoids

One of the most safest yet most effect way to treat hemorrhoids is the use of homeopathic remedies. It does not have side effects, thus it offers a gentle treatment. For serious cases of hemorrhoids, surgery may be the only option. However, before resorting to this treatment, one can try homeopathic remedies first before it gets serious.

The gel-like sap of Aloe Vera contains astringent properties which can heal irritated tissues with a soothing and cooling effect. To use, get the sap from the plant by cutting a leaf in half and slicing down at the middle. Get the gel using cotton ball or swap from the center and just apply or smear the sap on the affected region. If an Aloe Vera plan is not available, you can buy Aloe extract from groceries or drugs stores.

Another common herb used in the treatment of hemorrhoids is witch hazel extract. This treatment is available in the market in the form of medicated hemorrhoid pads. It has astringent effect on the swollen area. To use, simply apply extract with the use of cotton ball. After such application, it is forbidden to cover the hemorrhoids with bandage or gauze.  Apply the extract three times a day. Repeat the treatment until the discomfort is relieved and the inflamed area has shrunk.


Sulfur can also be used as an effective treatment for hemorrhoids. It has antibacterial and astringent properties that can also treat skin conditions such as acne and scabies. To use, prepare an ointment and mix it with one teaspoon of sulfur power. Apply the mixture directly to the inflamed area around two or three times a day.


To produce optimum results, you must observe the following. First, ensure a proper diet. You need to eat food rich in fiber. Include it in your meal plan by drinking or eating fresh fruits and vegetables.. Always remember that constipation can cause hemorrhoids. Fiber facilitates bowel movement, thus reducing the occurrence of constipation.  Second, avoid withholding the urge to defecate. If you feel like it, go the toilet but do not also prolong such defecation. It will put more pressure on the rectal area. Finally, drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. If possible, always bring a tumbler of water with you so that you can drink as much water as you need.